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October 23, 2007


SO…ever have one of those periods in your life that you feel so overwhelmed and overworked that it’s hard to see the blessings?

In the past few weeks I’ve been clocking some back to back 12 hour days in addition to working at least one day of the weekend. Ah, the life of a fashion stylist! This weekend was the first one in quite some time that I didn’t have to work. I really love what I do, but all work and no play makes Tom a grumpy boy.

It took this weekend of rest for me to realize that this has been quite an amazing month in my life. In October, I made my national “debut”, if you will, in InStyle magazine’s “Fashion 101″ section, page 276 to be exact.

Then on the 16th, a double whammy. I made my national television debut on In the Loop with iVillage and by the time I got home from the show , it turns out I had also made my national newpaper debut in USA TODAY which quoted me (first) in it’s article “Style becomes a real issue in ‘08 presidential race.”

With guests at Stockholm Objects

With guests at Stockholm Objects

On the 17th, Stockholm Objects, a wonderful boutique in Hinsdale, hosted my very first in-store appearance. I spent the day meeting with some of their best clients and helped them select some great pieces which found a good home in their very own closets. Oh, look here’s a picture of me at the event! If  your’re not familiar with SO, as it’s also known in shorthand, it’s well worth the trip for for it’s eclectic designer pieces from Scandanavia, especially
the knits from Anna Holtblat. In addition to clothing, the store carries home acessories.

And to top it all off dear friends, as I was about to post this entry this morning, I was watching “Oprah” who was doing a show on the importance of dressing appropriately for  advancing your career, only to hear Adam Glassman, the creative director of O magazine, tell the friend who I had styled  from head to toe for the segment that she was a perfect fashion “10.”

I almost collapsed on the floor like Marie Osmond.

So, now I wonder what November will bring, besides a great Thanksgiving.