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January 20, 2010

Don’t you wish your Senator was hot like me?

Senator elect Scott Brown in Cosmopolitan magazine in 1982

Don’t ya?

The body politic has spoken. “G.O.P. Senate Victory Stuns Democrats” reads the headline.

When it comes to healthcare reform and a filibuster-proof Senate, President Obama and the Democratic Party  have good reason to think of the newly elected Republican Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown as their own personal underwear bomber.

This will be particularly distressing news over at the Department of Homeland Security because, although it was well known that Mr. Brown  was on the (Cosmopolitan magazine) no fly list and subjected to extensive body scan technology, he still will not be prevented  from getting on a plane to Washington D.C.

What we don’t know is if this is  a man whose right hand knows what his left forearm is doing in 2010. Does the guy with a very healthy body image in 1982 know the difference between waterboarding and washboard abs?  It seems he opposes the healthcare bill (which was modeled after the one in Massachusetts when Mitt Romney was Governor and for which he voted ) and he supports waterboarding.

Who was it that said that “if you’re the hottest bulb in the chandelier, you don’t have to be the brightest?”  If it wasn’t Sarah Palin, then it was me.

Before things turn ugly, here’s the link to the Cosmopolitan magazine website so you can at least breathe a sigh of relief if you were ever worried that those naughty pics of you on your Facebook page were going to hurt your career.  Seems kinda provincial now, doesn’t it? At least if you’re a guy who drives a truck.

Senator Levi Johnson, anyone?