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October 2, 2009

Who’s your daddy?


If you weren’t able to make it to New York Fashion week this year, perhaps you can make it to Chicago’s Magnificent Mile on Saturday.

David Neville and Marcus Wainwright, the design duo behind the label Rag and Bone, will be making a personal appearance in Chicago, first on the 5th floor of Saks between noon and 2 pm and then at Intermix between 2 and 3:30pm.

This is the second visit by the lads to the Windy City in a year. Since they were last here at Hejfina in Bucktown, they have opened a second store in New York’s Soho neighborhood and both have become fathers for the second time.

It’s a testament to the speed with which this young label has ascended as a retail darling, and to the positive reviews for their  Spring 2010 show, that they  can swoop into town and, in a “who’s-your-daddy” show of force, land at both Saks and Intermix.


While the Fall collection was inspired by a trip to Japan and the movies because, as Wainwright confessed, “I’ve always wanted a samurai sword and I’ve always loved Star Wars,”  Rag and Bone’s strength is in what he describes as “our English, military-school heritage mixed with a utilitarian, made-in-America ethos.”

The focus of their appearances in Chicago will be to promote the women’s line but guys don’t let that intimidate you. The lads make, among other things, some of the most covetable vests and leather jackets you’re likely to see, so you should run accross to the men’s store at Saks and invest in your future (stylish self).

Saks Fifth Avenue is located at 700 North Michigan Avenue and Intermix is located at 40 East Delaware in Chicago. Intermix will be offering  15% off any purchase of Rag and Bone.

April 20, 2007

Intermix and the City

This past year we have seen major changes in the retail
landscape of the city. Macy’s ended the reign of Marshall Field’s,
Lord and Taylor closed at Water Tower and Carson’s closed on State Street.

With skyrocketing rents, too much interchangeable
merchandise and erratic customer service, the one
stop shopping department store as we knew it may be an
endangered species.

But just as some mid-market and upscale department
stores face hard times, specialty boutiques that
focus on a younger, savier, more affluent customers have
prospered. Intermix, which opened Wednesday at 40 E.Delaware,
and Scoop NYC, which opened a few months back
in Bucktown, are two examples of a new retail model
which provides eclectic merchandise alongide
established designers, hip knowlegeable staff and
personalized customer service verging on styling.

At Intermix, which unlike Scoop NYC features only
women’s clothing and accesories, they really do
intermix: the designers, the prices, the formal and
the casual. Instead of displaying merchandise in
clusters by designer, they display the merchandise by
“lifestyle,” essentially dividing the 4000 square
foot store into a dressier, event/nite on the town
section and a section for “everyday” clothing.

But there are no hard and fast rules here so you may
easily find the “must have” Lacey Parker black lace
mini dress for $258 on the more casual side
perfectly appropriate for a more formal event, just as you
might find the same designer’s white chiffon tunic with
metalic polka dots($248) on the dressier side will
look great with a pair of the ubiquitous skinny
jeans. The Mathew Williamson floral chiffon dress for $1,895 is
both a must have for late nights and an indicator of the upper
range of the price mix here.

Labels like Valentino, Missoni, Chloe and Stella McCartney are
displayed alongside secondary lines from those same designers
along with a bevy of younger, less recognizeable designers (Lacey Parker,
Thread Social are standouts).

The look here is very much about layering — invariably something
white — with vintage inspired jackets over colorful tunics and
tunic style dresses over leggings or skinny jeans.( Instead of a sea of
black, the basic color of the season in the store is, refreshingly, white.)

Think of the 2007 version of “Sex and the City” and you’ve got
the idea.

A second location is slated to open by late May on Armitage.

Happy shopping!