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February 21, 2011

The 411 on the Gap 1969 Selvage Skinny Fit Jeans for men

I hate online shopping.

For one thing, the photos of the items provided are capriciously deceptive.

Would you believe the men’s jean pictured here on the left is one of the best fitting and looking men’s jeans you can buy at any price, let alone $90?

But it is.

I bought a pair about this time last year when the Gap rebranded the jeans with the 1969 label and I lived in them until May. Then I bought another pair.

In the March issue of GQ magazine, they are the top pick in the article “Everything a man needs to know about jeans in 2011.”

So, unless you shop in the big and tall department or are a hockey player, march right in to your local Gap and ask for them by name.  Make sure you insist on the selvage hem which will make them look so much spiffier when you cuff them up and you can see that the outside seam is finished in a white canvas piping.

You will most likely need to go up a waist size in this cut and unless you are a fan of rigid wash jeans, avoid that wash.

If you shop in the big and tall department, go online¬† to and look for the “selvage straight fit” in which you may find you need to go down a waist size. Again, avoid the rigid wash, which at the moment is the only one available. Keep checking back online as the offerings on the site can be erratic.

The selvage straight fit is also a good alternative for guys with very muscular thighs and who need a bit of extra room in that spot.

Happy shopping guys.

And ladies, now you have the perfect excuse to finally get your man out of those “Sienfeld” jeans.