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April 25, 2011

COLOR PRINCE: The Photography of Ernest Collins

A Chicago native, Ernest Collins was known as one of that city’s top hair-stylists and make-up artists. In 1983, Ernest ventured to Milan. There, he was well received, having the opportunity to work with photographers Tiziano Magni, Tom Wool, Jonathan Leonard, Sergio Caminata, Lionel Pasquon among others.

After years of working with some of fashion photography’s biggest names, Ernest decided that it was time to try his own hand at the craft. He knew that his biggest advantages were his sense of style, his growing reputation as a model-maker, his ability to grace models with a “look”, his own personal sense of direction, and ultimately the ability to  capture those elusive qualities through his lens–to photograph it all. Bold, strong saturated color is one of the hallmarks of Ernest’s photographs.

In 1990, he accepted an invitation to come to Paris and instantly fell in love with the city. He has been based there ever since. Ernest now resides between Paris and Chicago and is immersed in both cultures.

He has photographed ad campaigns for some of the biggest names in the world of beauty. His editorial work has graced the pages of Europe’s most cutting edge  magazines.

Meeting and working with Ernest Collins 5 years ago has been one of the true joys of my professional life. I am proud to welcome Ernest Collins to aControlledSubstance–Tom Kolovos