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May 1, 2011

Bunga Bungalow Redux: What would the White House and Air Force One look like if Donald Trump became president.

Click here to see the the entire  Annie Liebovitz photo from April, 2006 here.

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April 2, 2011

Mario Testino photographs Anna Wintour

Have you seen a contemporary portrait–one that captures the very essence of a subject’s public persona– that is better than this one? I don’t think I have.

And I don’t think one exists. Unless you count the Anna Wintour produced Annie Leibovitz portrait of Donald and Melania Trump for Vogue in  April 2006. Below is a photo of the portrait but you can click here and see both the entire shot and the closeups.  You can also see the shot on

The Kim Kardashian sex tape, the portrait should remind you, was amateur porn. What’s on display here is professional porn. Do not try this at home.

Read the accompanying WSJ article “The Business of Being Anna” by Joshua Levine here.

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