Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? La Maison du Chocolat

While channel surfing a few years back I ran up on a panel discussion which included Karl Lagerfeld. The topic was “what is luxury?” No one but Karl was honest about the matter. I remember and quote from memory: “Most people are only touched by luxury.”

And he should know. It’s not the couture Chanel dress you can afford, but rather the $250 pair of sunglasses you bought on Gilt.com.

There is at least one true luxury that we can all definitely afford: chocolate from La Maison du Chocolat. I was recently given a gift box full of their chocolates and I must say I have never had better. Neither have you.

With shops in Paris, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and New York City as well as an online boutique, you can do so much more than be touched by luxury. You can indulge in it.

And so can mom. Choose next day delivery and you’re still good to go!

The plain truffles are like biting into a bubble of chocolate.  I dare you to eat just one. The dark chocolate bar with bursts of roasted almonds will disappear completely only minutes after you unwrap it.

Click here and thank me later.


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