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April 17, 2011

Ashleigh McIvor and the 2012 Acura Commercial

“It works with people. It works with cars. Aggression in its most elegant form.”

This is a brilliant post-feminist car commercial. When did you ever think you would see that?

You’ve seen plenty of commercials implicating  women’s sexual desire with  a man’s desire to “drive.” You’ve seen all the models at car shows used as bright shiny objects to bring the boys “into the showroom.”  You’ve even seen the grounbreaking ads with Martina Navratilova and Subaru.

What you probably haven’t seen is a car ad pitched to men that shows a good deal of respect for women. Especially one that acknowledges that aggression and femininity are not mutually exclusive; that  power and beauty–and the desire for them- is as unproblematically inherent to women as it is to men.

I call it a post feminist commercial because a purely feminist commercial would  feature Ashleigh McIvor , the member of the Canadian national ski cross team and  the first gold medal winner of women’s ski cross at the 2010 Winter Olympics, solely on the slopes, equating her aggression with her style of skiing and not her style in an evening gown. That said–and given the times we live in where world class male athletes like David Beckham and Rafael Nadal unproblematically trade on their sexuality and good looks for Emporio Armani, for instance— this is still a very smart and thoughtful ad.

April 17, 2011

The Best Men’s Summer Weight Suit of 2011

Think timeless seersucker. Black and navy Zero Weight check jacket, made of silk,wool and cotton, unlined. $2,395. Trousers, $795.

April 17, 2011

Why I love CB2

I’ve long called CB2 the happiest place on earth. Just walking into the original concept store many years ago would put a smile on my face and eventually a dent in my wallet. The CB2 aesthetic is bright, colorful and thoroughly contemporary design. Taken as a whole, you can think of the look as “my first apartment chic,”and while light years away from that, I can still find pieces there that mix in well with what I already have (eclectic mid century modern). Last summer I decided to “redecorate” by moving most of the artwork in my home to other rooms. WOW.

Smartest and cheapest thing I’ve ever done. But it left some “holes” I needed to fill in the furniture department and almost everything I bought to do that came from CB2.

If you live in a condo with a limited outdoor area, like I do, the “tie-1-on” grouping of sectional pieces is the perfect solution. And as it happens, it’s THE hot look right now in Milan. Overscaled squooshy bean bag chair in over the top red ties together in ever-changing social arrangements. Tie two chairs for a loveseat, three for a sofa. Super weather-friendly cover in heavy-gauge, water-resistant polyester with protective PVC lining. Tie on optional tie-1-on ottoman, and voilà, a stretch lounge…or how about an ottoman “table” tied between two chairs?

Did I mention that the pieces  store easily and are portable enough for a weekend excursion to your favorite nearby beach getaway?

Tie-1-on sectional pieces $99.95 – $199.00. Buy now at