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April 2, 2011

Mario Testino photographs Anna Wintour

Have you seen a contemporary portrait–one that captures the very essence of a subject’s public persona– that is better than this one? I don’t think I have.

And I don’t think one exists. Unless you count the Anna Wintour produced Annie Leibovitz portrait of Donald and Melania Trump for Vogue in  April 2006. Below is a photo of the portrait but you can click here and see both the entire shot and the closeups.  You can also see the shot on

The Kim Kardashian sex tape, the portrait should remind you, was amateur porn. What’s on display here is professional porn. Do not try this at home.

Read the accompanying WSJ article “The Business of Being Anna” by Joshua Levine here.

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April 2, 2011

Jurors give passes to guys who wear glasses? The nerd defense

“Our line of research suggests that the presence of eyeglasses on a defendant may significantly affect verdict outcome. However, this effect is likely to be small and indirect. In both scenarios, the presence of eyeglasses increased ratings of defendants’ intelligence. For the violent crime scenario, this increase was associated with less guilty verdicts. Eyeglasses also decreased ratings of defendants’ as threatening; however, this decrease was not significantly related to verdict. Thus, how intelligent a defendant appeared was a better predictor of verdict outcome than how physically threatening he appeared. Future research should examine if other indicators of intelligence (level of education, vocabulary, etc.) produce the similar effects.

Our African-American defendant was rated as more attractive and more friendly when he was wearing eyeglasses. However, there were no such effects for Caucasian defendants. These results suggest that some of the stereotypes associated with people who wear eyeglasses found in previous studies may no longer apply to Caucasians. Furthermore, the presence of eyeglasses on an African-American defendant may not be consistent with the stereotype of the “violent Black criminal.”

The presence of eyeglasses also increased ratings of defendants’ intelligence in our white-collar crime scenario. However, in this case, increased ratings of intelligence were associated with more guilty verdicts. These findings support the notion that white-collar crimes require a certain level of intelligence and skill to carryout. Overall, Caucasian defendants received more guilty verdicts than African-American defendants; however, there were no interaction effects for defendant’s race and the presence of eyeglasses.”

Read the entire study here.

April 2, 2011

Going to new lengths: The most flattering maxis of the season

Keep the skirt close to the body, like the Helmut Lang in the top photo.

Make sure to show some leg, either with a slit or a sheer overlay: BCBG Runway, Marc Jacobs and Pucci.

A wide leg silk pajama pant–which billows when you walk– is much sexier than a full skirted maxi, especially if you’re petite or full figured: (Dries Van Notten and Haider Ackermann. ). Done correctly, it’s also a stunning evening look. All images from