There’s an App for That, Maggie!

If Elizabeth Taylor, at the peak of her beauty, couldn’t cure Paul Newman of his homosexuality in “Cat On a Hot Tin Roof,” how exactly do the makers of the new iPhone app plan on curing it?

All this mendacity……

Come to think of it, she couldn’t cure Montgomery Clift or Rock Hudson in real life either.

Good luck with the app guys.

Godspeed on your journey, Miss Taylor. We will always be grateful to you for “Maggie” and “Martha” and for your tireless work for human rights.

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5 Responses to “There’s an App for That, Maggie!”

  1. ok…what?…Paul newman’s character was consider gay in the movie, ” Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”…no way, I’ve seen that movie several times, and unless i am completely clueles, …what was anything that would suggest he was dealing with homo issues?..please elaborate!,..thank you!

    • Clueless? Yes and no. In the movie version, the references to homosexuality were censored. You’d only know that if you had read the play. Click on the link to the movie title on the blog entry to read all about it!


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