*Heidi Montag, Financial Advisor.

Yesterday, on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Melanie Hobson gave parents the preposterous advice to give their children a credit card at age 16, under the guise that they could use the 2 years before they turn 18 and leave home to teach them responsible charging habits.

Funny thing Melanie, you mean  your advice has nothing to do with the new laws that will restrict marketing credit cards to teens and college students and therefore cut into the outrageous profits of banks that prey on young adults? One solution to your industy’s problems? Lower the qualification age of the victims! Thanks for the completely objective advice, Melanie.  Financial pedophelia is really a great idea! No, I mean, really, thank you sooo much.

While we’re at it, let’s lower the drinking age to 14, the age of consent to 12. Parents could use the extra time there, too, don’t you think?

Melanie Hobson is only but one industry hack who masquerades as a consumer advocate on televison. Remember how Barbara Corcoran, the real estate maven on “The Today Show,” was urging people to buy real estate at the height of the bubble? And let’s not get started on Jim Cramer.

So when the credentialed “experts” are part of the problem, it’s not so much of a stretch to turn to Heidi Montag for financial advice.

It may actually be the wise thing to do.

At least she’s got a brain in her surgically altered head, at least in this extremely funny Ron Howard directed clip for FunnyOrDie. com.



2 Comments to “*Heidi Montag, Financial Advisor.”

  1. very funny as always, I never know what to expect with you!

  2. Age of consent is 12 in Spain, and look how well their economy is going!

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