*What a difference a year makes (or That Night and Today)

I know it  seems  to those of you who read this blog on a regular basis that  I’m prone to hyperbole but,  actually, I’m a master of understatement.

Stop laughing.

Consider how restrained I was, both on television and in print, in describing how much I didn’t like Michelle Obama’s inaugural gown.

I was so restrained, especially on television, that people actually called me afterwards to ask me privately if  I really liked the dress or not.

I danced around that question in every sociopoliticaleconomic way possible that the anchor, Zoraida Sambolin, had to “bottom line” me as well. Did you like the dress or not, Tom?

Once I saw the dress on the night of the inauguration I knew that I couldn’t say that I liked it, because who in their right mind would, right?

I also knew that I couldn’t possibly go on television and write a blog for NBC saying I hated it because who in their right mind would want to hear such a thing, especially from someone who has styled her in the past?

Certainly, no one in Chicago. Certainly, no Democrat. Certainly not the friends who begged me– begged me, I swear– not to say anything bad about the dress which everyone else apparently instantly fell in  love with in the blogoshere and on television that night. Why risk pissing people off, Tom? Would it kill you to say something nice?  Yes, Tom, about the dress. Do you want everyone to hate you?  Are you nuts? Say something nice, for God’s sake!

So I stayed up a good deal of the night  (I had to get up at 4:30 in the morning to get to the studio) trying to figure out how I could balance giving my honest professional opinion without  offending public opinion. (Actually, I do that all the time but no one notices. Hmmm.)

So I said what I said and I wrote what I wrote.

I think I acquitted myself quite honorably, if I do say so myself.

Why do I bring this up now, you say? I bring this up today because I now have undeniable proof I was right about that dress and because not a  single  sighted person in the universe can  begrudge me that certitude. I knew the night of the inauguration that she was capable of looking and should have looked– with proper counsel–so much better.

How good could/should she have looked?

Look at Mrs Obama last night at the state dinner for the Prime Minister of India wearing an exquisite custom gown by Naeem Khan. Look at the hair and the makeup and the jewelry (especially those stunning Bochic earings) too.

Now stop looking. I dare you.

Do you see today what I saw on the night of the Inauguration? I’m pretty sure you do now. You don’t have to say a thing.  I understand perfectly.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=michelle+obama+state+dinner+indian+prime+minister&iid=7130695″ src=”b/a/3/e/Obamas_Host_Indian_74af.jpg?adImageId=7818297&imageId=7130695″ width=”408″ height=”594″ /]



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