The Best and Worst Dressed List: The Golden Globes 2009

Drew Barrymore, Marissa Tomei, Kate Winslet, January Jones, Laura Linney,Brooke Burke, Mary Louise Parker, Jennifer Lopez, Evan Rachel Wood and, dare I say it, Miley Cyrus.

That’s my list of the best dressed women at last nite’s Golden Globe’s presentation and I must confess it was a very easy list to make.

Let my list be a cautionary tale to  designers who have the task of presenting their Fall 09 collections next month,  Conventional wisdom has it that they will err on the side of caution and produce collections of all black clothes. But who needs any more black? As Zac Pozen proved with his brilliant pre-Fall collection, what we need now more than ever is quality of design, imagination and an uplift that only color can provide.

I bring this up because last night  the black  dress seemed  a nearly outdated choice. As a matter of fact, four of the worst dressed women wore black: Tina Fey, Susan Sarandon, Sally Hawkins, Renee Zellweger. With the exception of the stunning tiered gown worn by Evan Rachel Wood and the drop dead gorgeous simplicity of Kate Winslet’s off-black strapless dress, everything else seemed like….. resale.

It wasn’t too many season’s ago when white was the refreshing color of choice on the red carpet, but the danger of a white gown–or even an off white gown– is that it can easily be mistaken for a wedding dress–Beyonce, Sandra Bullock, Kate Beckinsdale, Demi Moore–or even worse, as in Eva Mendez’ case, a clamshell and in Angelina Jolie’s case, a dingy nightgown. Brooke Burke was a stunning exception to this line of thinking with a knockout pale cream goddess gown.

The only white dress that looked perfect to me was the one worn by Miley Cyrus. She looked appropriately grown up, evoking an elegant insouciance, unlike  Blake Lively or America Ferrera who looked dowdy and completely age inappropriate.

There’s nothing like  a jolt of color to lift the spirits and rid one of the blues— and through sheer irony 3 different and deepening shades of blue on Drew Barrymore, January Jones and Mary Louise Parker did the trick most impressively. (Whatever shade of blue  was Maggie Gyllenhaal  wearing in that print dress, you ask? Please, don’t remind me about the worst dress of the night when I’ve just told you about 3 of the best.)
[picapp src=”5/c/3/c/The_66th_Annual_3d45.jpg?adImageId=4877877&imageId=3513010″ width=”380″ height=”591″ /]

And to round out the list, Laura Linney and Marissa Tomei glowed with the stunning elegance and confidence that comes from dressing  for your age. But then, again, JLo looked stunning despite it.


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