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June 2, 2008

You can dress me up but you cant take me (just) anywhere

In the past two and a half years, both my parents were diagnosed with terminal cancer and my brother, who has Down Syndrome, suffered from violent psychosis as our mother was dying. I’ve lost so much weight taking care of everyone but myself that I’m basically a shave, a blonde wig and a Balenciaga bag away from being the third Olsen twin.

Saturday night I may have also lost my mind. (If anyone finds it, could you please return it. I’m offering a full tank of gas as a reward!) If Kathy Griffin thinks it’s difficult to live her “Life On the d List” she should try living “My Life On The (BestDresse)d List. Let me explain.

MK and me

MK and me

Saturday night the place to be was Lake Forest Sportscars in Lake Bluff for the “What Does One Wear to a Grand Prix?” benefit for the Prentice Women’s Hospital. Perhaps, however, it wasn’t the place I should have been.

First of all, despite what Polo Ralph Lauren, Escada, Dennis Basso and the Men’s Store at Saks Fifth Avenue thought one should wear to a Grand Prix in their fashion presentation, the real answer was: a little black dress and about $6 million in Graff white diamonds.

Cameron Holtman from Elite Model Management proved that point the minute you walked in the door. Okay, so you would notice Cameron and the other models sporting Graff under any circumstances, but my goodness, the diamonds sure didn’t hurt.

And as it turns out, the hostess of the event, MK Pritzker, knew the real answer as well. She looked stunning in a gorgeous formfitting deep purple dress and yellow diamonds.


So here’s the part where I need to start explaining. Having never met MK before and only having seen her on the cover of the December 2006 issue of Today’s Chicago Woman, I blurted out to her that the pictures did not do her justice. I told her, in earnest, that she should sue the magazine. And come to think of it this morning, she should sue the photographer as well.

MK was so gracious (and probably horrified by my blunt/obtuse remark) that she explained, in earnest, she was happy with the pictures. So, in a not uncommon phenomenon in my life right now, I had to open my mouth, insert my foot and chew vigorously.

(Who knew I was such a fan of self immolation? I guess Hillary Clinton and I currently share that in common. But in my defense, I managed to avoid any references to RFK.)

Oh, but by night’s end, I thought I was being engagingly witty with the publisher of CS magazine, John Carroll, always one of the most dapper men around town. Turns, out he probably didn’t think so. Right, John?

Take it from me (and Kathy Griffin), the problem with being witty is that sometimes you come across as a nitwit.

Enjoy the slideshow from the event. Click on the images to enlarge. I’m going to finish my coffee and my foot-in-mouth omelette. Cheers.