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March 8, 2007

Ann Reinking tells a story

This week Ann Reinking is in Chicago, and, no, I don’t
mean the musical.

Ms. Reinking is in town to present the world premiere
of her work “Rossini Recess” as part of a weekend long
celebration of the 15th Anniversary of Thodos Dance
Chicago at The Harold Washington Library.

I had the good fortune Wednesday night to be invited
to a private cocktail reception in honor of the Tony
award winning choreographer of “Chicago” at the
beautiful home of Thodos board member Elaine Margulis.
(Look, Melissa Thodos, Ann and Elaine at the reception!)

Ms. Reinking’s choreography and Bebe Newirth’s performance in the
Broadway production are among my fondest memories.
I wonder if that could have been 10 years ago, Elaine doesn’t think it’s possible
but Ann confirms it to be true. Wow, how time flies!

Over the years I’ve had a couple of nagging questions about “Chicago”
but I never thought I would get the chance to have them answered by the master herself.

In particular, I wanted to know how did she feel about
Renee Zellweger’s performance in the film, since Ms.
Zellweger was clearly not a dancer and her “dancing”
relied heavily on editing. She gave me the same
surprising answer when I asked how it was possible for
Melanie Griffith to get such rave reviews on Broadway
despite the fact that she was neither a top notch
singer nor dancer.

She thought both of the performances were a success
because “you have to be able to hit the notes and do
the steps, yes. But the most important thing you have
to do as a dancer is to tell the story.”

A Gala cocktail reception with Ms.Reinking on Friday
between 5:30-6:30pm precedes the world premiere of her
work and a full program of dances follows Saturday,
March 10th and Sunday, March 11. For full details,
tickets and prices log onto
or call 312 266 6255.